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Your Company or your Startup, is constantly on the move, like a wonderful and complex machine.

You are enthusiastic, you’ve packed up everything you thought you might need, eager to see beautiful landscapes, you’re about put your foot down and hit the accelerator.

But if you are now reading these few lines, you may have found a steeper road than you expected.

According to us, that is perfectly normal. Remember – we have been “mechanics” for over 15 years, and we climbed climbs that were very steep indeed.

What you really need are simple and practical solutions for your corporate machine, to sustain increased revenues, satisfied clients, lower costs, independence from bank loans, and creation of a scalable business structure.

The key is sustainable growth, without worries so you can headed for the summit.

We know how to get there.

Our Vision is to revolutionise the way you learn, how you measure product-service performance, generate reports, analyse results and finance your operations.

We want to teach you how to do it, online!

We specialise in:


  • In the initial activity or project stages
  • For market development
  • For the development of international markets

SMEs Small-Medium Enterprises

  • For internal growth
  • To launch a new product
  • For external growth, for new openings or acquisitions
  • For the development of new markets

New Businesses

  • In the initial activity or project stages

We have many instruments to share with you, including:

  • Business assessment (SWOT Analysis)
  • Business Models and Strategy
  • Client Validation
  • Financial planning
  • Fundraising
  • Metrics and KPI
  • Coding, web programming and software
  • UX Design
  • Web-marketing

EurTower: 100% online consultancy for Startups and SMEs