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Quick solutions for your business or startup, at the lowest possible price.
Because “only those who went through it know how to do it”.

You are building or have built a wonderful and complex machine.

This is your business.

Your machine has so many parts: people, clients, regulations, communication, market laws, changes in society. The mechanism that drives your machine must work flawlessly. Always.

That’s the point.

Since 2000, we have been dealing with our customers with one specific objective: to foster and consolidate the success of their business.

Easy to understand, very hard to master!

Since 2010, we have established offices in London, New York and Hong Kong.
We have really seen a lot of cases, and we’re getting better at finding easy and original solutions for the satisfaction of those who entrust us with their wonderful and complex machines.

Like yours.

What is the latest Japanese Kaizen principle?

Kai is “change“, and Zen is “the best“and indicates that success and excellence are pursued with a process of gradual and constant improvement. And that’s what we do, what we want for you, offering you simple and fast solutions, creating value over time.
Our thinking is permanent beta: we constantly produce and integrate innovative solutions.

But you will wonder, “who are we?”

We are determined and skilled professional experts. We each have our own area of expertise, such as finance, information technology, project management, marketing, sales.

You may ask – why should you trust us?

Because we are dynamic, proactive, and reliable. We have specialised in the areas of greatest interest for the development of New Companies and small-medium enterprises, such as digital disruption, Lean methods, innovative business models, growth hacking, investors… and we want to teach you how it is done.

In short, we are the mechanics ready to service your wonderful and complex machine.

EurTower Group: 100% online consultancy for Startups and SMEs